Selling Your Property

Selling your property is one of the biggest decisions you have to make, so all the care and attention to detail is essential to ensure a stress free, successful process.

Once the decision to sell has been made, the Property needs to be prepared for presentation to potential buyers. First impressions tend to be lasting ones, and buyers more likely will make up their minds on the first visit. We advise you to do all required small repairs, de-clutter (simple yet effective decoration preferably), remove items of personal nature, tidy garage and garden, keep it neat and clean.

From this point onwards request your solicitor or lawyer copies of all updated documents pertaining to the property and some tax advice.

A formal instruction by means of a Mediation Contract is a State requirement in order for us to market and promote the sale of your property. This document specifies all terms and conditions agreed, such as Identification of the Property, Identification of Business, Obligation and Taxes, Terms and duration of Contract, Remuneration paid to Mediation Agency. Upon acceptance and signature of this contract, copies of all documents of the object as well as proprietors must be kept on file by us

We will promote your Property via our Website, display boards on our well appointed Office windows, targeted selection of potential buyers from our vast database of clients, National and International Collaborating Agents, printing media, and whenever possible with advertising billboards.

Ensure that access to the property is stress free at all times, in order to avoid disappointments.

 Offers will first be discussed with you verbally, followed by a written Letter of Intent from interested client. Once confirmation of acceptance is received from you, solicitors or lawyers acting for both parties are informed, and searches on the object are done, whilst terms and conditions are negotiated for the preparation of the Promissory Contract.

 Although Portuguese law stipulates that the work of the Mediation Agency is complete upon signature of the Promissory Contract, and agreed commission should be paid in total simultaneously, Goldentree nevertheless offers full support through to the transfer of ownership – Deeds.

 The sale of your Property will be governed by the following factors: Presentation, Location, correct Market Related Price, and the Agent you choose to represent you.


How to sell your property
How to sell you property