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Buying a property

Golden Tree Real Estate offers a completely personalised property service and we are able to provide all of our clients with help and advice regarding buying, selling and investing in the beautiful Algarve region of Portugal.

Our personalised approach enables us to be truly dedicated to each client and to provide them with the experience that they deserve.  Our services include searching for the perfect property or project and guiding clients throughout the entire process.  To do this we work with the very best professionals and specialists in law, construction, interior design and much more.  This support enables us to help clients to pass through th buying process clearly, efficiently and without problems.

Please see our guide to buying:


  • Investment: Make sure you have the financial capacity to purchase or visit your bank for financial advice. Golden Tree can help you in finding financial institutions for a real estate loan suited to your needs.

  • Search: In order to eliminate unnecessary trips to unsuitable properties, advise us at Golden Tree well in advance (if possible) exactly what you are looking for, in terms of needs, preferences, budget and location. This will help narrow down your search so we already have a selection of properties even before you arrive
  • Viewings: Check your schedule with us and allow enough time to see all the properties selected. We want this important decision to go smoothly so that you can look at every property in as much detail as you require.
  • Offer: Once you have made your choice you should consider making an offer, which we will discuss with you and present to the seller. Once the purchase conditions and all the details have been agreed upon, a letter of Intent to purchase should be signed, which will serve as a basis for the preparation of the Promissory Contract. This contract must be drawn up by your solicitor or the solicitor of the buyer. The amount payable with the signing of the Promissory agreement is, as a general rule, 10% of the value of the purchase, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.
  • Legal Representative: For greater security in the buying process, we recommend that you instruct a solicitor or attorney to represent you. Your solicitor or lawyer will make a report on the legal situation of the property, prepare the Purchase and Sale Pledge Agreement and mark the Notarial Deed of Purchase, in which the amount still outstanding will be paid. Golden Tree may recommend some professionals in this area.
  • Time Frame: in principle the process from offer acceptance to Final Deed should not take longer than 30 to 60 days or up to 90 days when a Mortgage is necessary.
  • After-sales service: Golden Tree works to with clients after they have purchased a property to provide tailored solutions for every client.  The team are able to provide assistance with property maintenance, management, rentals and much more.


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