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Selling Your Property

Selling your property is one of the biggest decisions you may have to make, so care and attention to detail is essential to ensure a simple and successful process. Golden Tree offers full and personalised real estate service amd will be with you every step of the way.

We begin the process with a free evaluation of your property and a visit to your home. We undertand that every property is unique, however we compare your home with those similar in the area that have sold recently. We will recommend a range of prices, leaving the final price decision to you. It is important that you allow some space for negotiation in order to reach an agreement with the buyer.

We will discuss all the marketing details with you and how we will present your home, using the services of a professional photographer. We will prepare all the marketing elements of your home, including the brochures and detailed information about it.

For a smooth sales process we suggest:

Home staging: Once the sale decision is made and the value is agreed upon, we will discuss with you how the property should be prepared to be photographed and subsequently presented to the clients. The techniques of home staging are veryimportant to ensure the very best first impression to the potential buyer. We recommend that you remove personal items, clean the garage and the garden, keep everything tisy and well presented. The purchase is often decided on the first visit!

We will be happy to share with you all our knowledge and the best tips for a fast and efficient sale.

Documentation: As soon as you decide on the sale, you should obtain from your solicitor or lawyer, copies of all updated documents regarding your property, as well as tax advice.

Mediation Contract: After checking the documentation  a Real Estate Mediation Contract with Golden Tree, for the promotion and sale of your property. This document specifies all agreed terms and conditions, such as Seller Identification, Property Identification, Business Identification, Costs and Charges and Remuneration. Copies of the documents from the property and of the owners must be kept by us on file after approval and signature of this agreement.

Marketing your property: The promotion of your property will be discussed with you in detail. Each property is unique and our marketing will reflect this. The property will be presented on our website, in the modern window displays of our office, will be carefully presented through direct marketing to customers selected from our database. Other marketing and webmarketing actions specific to your property will also be discussed.

Visits to the Property: It is fundamental that we are able to access your property to arrange viewings. Constantly leased and hard-to-reach homes may take longer to sell, limiting the choice of potential buyers.

Promissory Contract: Initially the Promissory Contract will be discussed verbally with you, followed by the proposal from the client. Once the acceptance of the proposal has been confirmed, the solicitors or lawyers of both parties will be informed and a document will be prepared stating the legal situation of the property. The preparation of the terms and conditions of the Promissory Contract will follow.

The Sale of the Property: Golden Tree will accompany the seller and provide all support needed from viweings through to the Final Deed.


Selling your property is one of the biggest decisions you have to make, so all the care and attention to detail is essential to ensure a stress free, successful process...

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