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Golden Tree Real Estate offers a completely personalised property service and we are able to provide all of our clients with help and advice regarding buying, selling and investing in the beautiful Algarve region of Portugal. Our personalised approach enables us to be truly dedicated to each client and to provide them with the experience that they deserve. Our services include searching for the perfect property or project and guiding clients throughout the entire process. To do this we work with the very best professionals and specialists in law, construction, interior design and much more. This support enables us to help clients to pass through th buying process clearly, efficiently and without problems.



Everett Hawthorne

“Working with Golden Tree Real Estate was an absolute pleasure. Their expertise, personalized service, and seamless process made buying my dream home a breeze. I highly recommend them!”

Tim Cowhig

"Ana Paula and Tony were a pleasure to work with. The knowledge they shared about real estate in the Algarve was invaluable, delivered in a friendly professional manner!"

Sofia Horta

"Extremely reliable service and ready to respond to all my questions at any time"

Jackie Hehir
Thank you so much, assisted with everything and anything. Cheers, Tony!


Antonio Luis Horta e Costa

Great Staff helped me sell my house very quickly and efficiently.
Have been in the market for 23 years in Vale do Lobo