D7 Visa

The D7 Visa is most known as the Retirement Visa or Passive Income Visa. It allows non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens to apply for temporary residency in Portugal, as long as the applicant is in receipt of a reasonable and regular passive income.

The Requirements For The D7:

  1. Non-Eu/EEA/Swiss Citizen
  2. Proof of a regular passive income, from either a pension, rentals, dividend, or financial investments
  3. A clean criminal record
  4. Proof of a residency address in Portugal
  5. Spend a minimum of 16 months in Portugal within the first 2-year period of application

Benefits of The D7 Visa:

  1. Permission to live, work and/or study in Portugal
  2. Non-Visa dependant travel in the Schengen Area
  3. The opportunity to establish a business or accept an employment in Portugal
  4. After a period of 5 years in which a renewal of visa applications has been followed, the applicant is eligible to qualify for a permanent residency or Portuguese citizenship
  5. Resident rights in Portugal, which include healthcare and education