Farol Island

In Portuguese, Farol means lighthouse. The island of Farol is named after its well-known lighthouse which can be clearly seen from the whole island as well as the sea. The small fishing village of Farol is situated on the western side of the island of Ilha da Culatra. This is one of the barrier islands that protect the Ria Formosa natural park.  There are people living on the island permanently and most of them are fishermen or work in tourism. You can also find some holiday homes at Farol which are mainly occupied during the summer months only. There are some well-known restaurants on the island offering delicious local cuisine as well as a beach bar offering snacks & cocktails at the seaside.


The beach of Praia do Farol consists of white soft sand and the water of the Atlantic Ocean is cristal clear and transparent. It is great destination for swimming or snorkelling.


You can access Ilha do Farol by ferry from Faro or Olhão. This boat ride takes you through the natural beauty of the Ria Formosa natural park. The journey itself is thus extremely beautiful and highly recommended for a day visit.